Why Choose Us?

Our professional services are delivered to our clients in a very personal way. We listen closely to our clients’ needs and concerns, then suggest and implement practical solutions which really add value to their business. Here we describe the core principles of our approach.

Resulting in significant cost savings, improved profitability, reduced risk of fraud, more efficient systems and processes, added value to your business, and a strategy for business growth and long term stability.
We are available on a flexible basis to help you to achieve your goals. We will work to your requirements, providing our expertise on a part-time, interim or one-off project basis.
Our FD’s have specialist knowledge of certain sectors and we will hand-pick the appropriate person to bring the most benefit to you.


Our aim is to bring the highest quality expertise and experience to companies that may not otherwise have access to such resources. This means that companies, however small, can benefit from ‘best practice’ solutions and can rise above their competition.
It’s all about you. We will listen very carefully to what you want to achieve and will provide a clear road map to enable you to get there. We are equally happy providing strategic advice or to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in to the detail.
Our personal approach allows for the growth of collaborative, supportive and successful business relationships and partnerships. We are looking to work together for the medium to long term as that is where you will get the most benefit from us.
“Alastair provided essential financial advice, brain power and number crunching resource, as I was in the throws of getting my start up off the ground…”
Deb Stead, Founder & MD, Conviviality Ltd
“They really embedded themselves within our team and have proved invaluable in formulating our financial strategy. We are still working together and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other small businesses…”
Chris Manson, Founder, Blott
“Ascent FD has really helped us to upscale our business, and has always provided excellent recommendations for driving us forward and managing our rapid growth…”
Alan Saunders, MD, Rocket Marketing Group